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Z2: Integrated in vivo and ex vivo imaging and pathology platform

Stefan Schönberg / Carolin Mogler

For the specific needs of a vascular centered Collaborative Research Centre, we consider it essential to establish an in vivo and ex vivo structural and functional imaging and histopathological platform with cumulated expertise in imaging (in vivo) and pathology (ex vivo) as a combined Z project. We will provide the CRC members with an individually tailored service unit offering i) different radioligands designed to the respective application of the Collaborative Research Centre member's project including molecular imaging followed by ii) direct correlation to tissue-based histopathology evaluation and annotation. This approach will result in advanced understanding of the development, progression and course of investigated pathophysiological processes and will make a strong complementary contribution to the specific projects of the Collaborative Research Centre members. Further, both parts of this Z-project proposal separately offer additional techniques/ analytical tools open to all members of the Collaborative Research Centre. The in vivo radiology part offers an analysis platform including positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), fluorescence imaging (FI), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and autoradiography. The ex vivo pathology part will support the Collaborative Research Centre members by additional services as a technical platform including tissue processing, immuno-histochemistry/immunofluorescence, tridimensional light sheet microscopy and histopathological slide consultation/evaluation.

This core project will therefore consequently provide a portfolio of joint and separate in vivo and ex vivo techniques, which will be tailored and further advanced towards the existing and emerging specific needs of the consortium.

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