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Dr. Rubén Marín-Juez

Project A04

Max-Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim

CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal, Canada

Professional Career

Since 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Department of

Developmental Genetics, Bad Nauheim, Germany

2012 - 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow

Leiden University and ZF Screens BV

Leiden, The Netherlands

2007 - 2012


University of Barcelona, Spain

Selected Publications

Fukuda R, Marín-Juez R, El-Sammak H, Beisaw A, Ramadass R, Kuenne C, Guenther S, Konzer A, Bhagwat AM, Graumann J, Stainier DY: Stimulation of glycolysis promotes cardiomyocyte proliferation after injury in adult zebrafish. EMBO Rep, 9:e49752, 2020.

Marín-Juez R, El-Sammak H, Helker CSM, Kamezaki A, Mullapuli ST, Bibli SI, Foglia MJ, Fleming I, Poss KD, Stainier DYR: Coronary Revascularization During Heart Regeneration Is Regulated by Epicardial and Endocardial Cues and Forms a Scaffold for Cardiomyocyte Repopulation. Dev Cell, 51:503-515.e4, 2019.

Lai SL, Marín-Juez R, Stainier DYR: Immune Responses in Cardiac Repair and Regeneration - A comparative point of view. Cell Mol Life Sci, 2995-5, 2018.

Lai SL, Marín-Juez R, Moura PL, Kuenne C, Lai JKH, Tsedeke AT, Guenther S, Looso M, Stainier DY: Reciprocal analyses in zebrafish and medaka reveal that harnessing the immune response promotes cardiac regeneration, Elife, 6.pii:e25605, 2017.

Gerri C, Marín-Juez R, Marass M, Marks A, Maischein HM, Stainier DYR: Hif1α regulates macrophage-endothelial interactions during blood vessel development in zebrafish. Nat Commun, 8:15492, 2017.


Marín-Juez R, Marass M, Gauvrit S, Rossi A, Lai SL, Materna SC, Black BL and Stainier DYR: Fast revascularization of the injured area is essential to support zebrafish heart regeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 113:11237-42, 2016.


Yang S., Marín-Juez R, Meijer AH, Spaink H P: Common and specific downstream signaling targets controlled by Tlr2 and Tlr5 innate immune signaling in zebrafish. BMC Genomics, 16:547, 2015.

Marín-Juez R, Rovira M, Crespo D, van der Vaart M, Spaink HP, Planas J V: GLUT2-mediated glucose uptake and availability are required for embryonic brain development in zebrafish. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 35:74-85, 2015.


Jimenez-Amilburu V, Jong-Raadsen S, Bakkers J, Spaink HP and Marín-Juez R: GLUT12 deficiency during early development results in heart failure and a diabetic phenotype in zebrafish. J Endocrinol, 224:1-15, 2015.

Marín-Juez R, Jong-Raadsen S, Yang S, Spaink HP: Hyperinsulinemia induces insulin resistance and immune suppression via Ptpn6/Shp1 in zebrafish. J Endocrinol, 222:229-41, 2014.

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