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Project C05

Vascular reprogramming during tumor progression and homeostatic challenge

Dynamic bi-directional interactions between tumor cells (TC) and stromal cells drive tumor progression and metastasis. Endothelial cells (EC) provide in this context a critical interface that is instructed distally (pre-metastatic niche) and locally (metastatic niche) by TCs and that in turn exerts pro- and anti-tumorigenic effects. We have in significant molecular and mechanistic detail analyzed the dynamic interactions of TCs and ECs during metastasis. Building on this work, we will now study the systemic reprogramming of the vascular endothelium by TCs. We will expand these analyses to non-tumorigenic challenges such as chronic inflammation and radiation exposure. The long-term goal is to exploit the vascular endothelium as therapeutic target and as biomarker readout of human health.


High resolution image analysis of tumor cell-EC interaction

during metastatic seeding

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