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Prof. Dr. Gergana Dobreva

Project A03

Cardiovascular Genomics and Epigenomics

European Center for Angioscience (ECAS) 
Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University


Professional Career

Since 2022

Professor (W3)

of Experimental Cardiology, European Center for Angioscience

Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University

2017 - 2021

Professor (W3)

of Anatomy and Developmental Biology

Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University

2012 - 2016

Professor (W2)

of Basic Mechanisms of Stem Cell Biology

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim, Germany

2008 - 2012

Independent Junior Group Leader

(Emmy Noether program), Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research,  Bad Nauheim, Germany


Independent Junior Group Leader

(Emmy Noether program) Klinikum rechts der Isar

Technical University Munich, Germany

2006 - 2007

Postdoctoral Fellow

Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University Munich, Germany

2004 - 2006

Postdoctoral Fellow

Gene Center, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Genetics, Freiburg, Germany

2000 - 2004


Biochemistry, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany

Selected Publications

Jing Y, Ren Y, Witzel HR, Dobreva G: A BMP4-p38 MAPK signaling axis controls ISL1 protein stability and activity during cardiogenesis. Stem Cell Reports. 16:1894-1905, 2021.

Schott J, Reitter S, Lindner D, Grosser J, Bruer M, Shenoy A, Geiger T, Mathes A, Dobreva G, Stoecklin G: Nascent Ribo-Seq measures ribosomal loading time and reveals kinetic impact on ribosome density. Nat Methods. 18:1068-1074, 2021.

Gao R, Liang X, Cheedipudi S, Cordero J, Jiang X, Zhang Q, Caputo L, Günther S, Kuenne C, Ren Y, Bhattacharya S, Yuan X, Barreto G, Chen Y, Braun T, Evans SM, Sun Y, Dobreva G: Pioneering function of Isl1 in the epigenetic control of cardiomyocyte cell fate. Cell Res, 29:486-501, 2019.

Jia Y, Vong JS, Asafova A, Garvalov BK, Caputo L, Cordero J, Singh A, Boettger T, Günther S, Fink L, Acker T, Barreto G, Seeger W, Braun T, Savai R, Dobreva G: Lamin B1 loss promotes lung cancer development and metastasis by epigenetic derepression of RET. J Exp Med, 216:1377-1395, 2019.

Singh I, Contreras A, Cordero J, Rubio K, Dobersch S, Günther S, Jeratsch S, Mehta A, Krüger M, Graumann J, Seeger W, Dobreva G, Braun T, Barreto G: MiCEE is a ncRNA-protein complex that mediates epigenetic silencing and nucleolar organization, Nat Genet, 50:990-1001, 2018.

Yuan X, Qi H, Li X, Wu F, Fang J, Bober E, Dobreva G, Zhou Y, Braun T: Disruption of spatiotemporal hypoxic signaling causes congenital heart disease in mice. J Clin Invest. 127:2235-2248, 2017.

Caputo L, Witzel HR, Kolovos P, Cheedipudi S, Looso M, Mylona A, van IJcken WF, Laugwitz KL, Evans SM, Braun T, Soler E, Grosveld F, Dobreva G: The Isl1/Ldb1 complex orchestrates genome-wide chromatin organization to instruct differentiation of multipotent cardiac progenitors. Cell Stem Cell. 17:287-99, 2015.

Ohtani K, Zhao C, Dobreva G, Manavski Y, Kluge B, Braun T, Rieger MA, Zeiher AM, Dimmeler S: Jmjd3 controls mesodermal and cardiovascular differentiation of embryonic stem cells. Circ Res, 113:856-62, 2013.

Witzel HR, Jungblut B, Choe CP, Crump JG, Braun T, Dobreva G: The LIM protein Ajuba restricts the second heart field progenitor pool by regulating Isl1 activity. Dev Cell, 23:58-70, 2012.

Dobreva G, Chahrour M, Dautzenberg M, Chirivella L, Kanzler B, Farinas I, Karsenty G, and Grosschedl R. SATB2 is a multifunctional determinant of craniofacial patterning and osteoblast differentiation. Cell. 125:971-8

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