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Project AP

Investigation of the interplay of the endothelial and immune cell compartments in the context of anti-angiogenic and immune therapy

Treatment with immune checkpoint blockers have revolutionized treatment of patients with lung cancer and other entities. Endothelial cells play a pivotal role in regulating anti-tumor immune responses because adaptive and innate immune cells need to adhere to and extravasate through endothelial cells in order to enter into tumors and attack tumor cells. We are investigating how immune- and anti-angiogenic therapies modify endothelial cells concerning their interaction with immune cells with the aim to increase treatment efficacy. Therefore, we use innovative model systems including co-cultures and primary patient samples which are investigated with state-of-the-art single cell technologies. Our lab has a long-standing track record in the investigation of the tumor microenvironment with a focus on endothelial cells and biomarker development (Janning et al., 2019; Bauer et al., 2018; Carmeliet et al., 2018; Wroblewski et al., 2017; Loges et al., 2010; Loges et al., 2008). Furthermore, we actively develop novel therapeutic approaches and translate them into the clinics (Loges, ASH Meeting 2020; Ben-Batalla et al., 2013).

Loges 1

Blood vessels control response to ICI

Loges 2

scRNA Seq analysis of primary NSCLC

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