Dept. of Cardiovascular Research,

European Center for Angioscience (ECAS),

Medical Faculty Manheim, Heidelberg University


Jörg Heineke is Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Research. He attended Hanover Medical School. He moved on as a postdoctoral fellow to the laboratory of Jeffry Molkentin at the Department of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology at Cincinnati Children´s Hospital before starting his own junior research group at the Department of Cardiology at Hanover Medical School.

Qualifications and Scientific Curriculum

Medical School, Medizinische Hochschule Hanover

MD, Hanover Medical School, mentor: Prof. H. Drexler

Clinical fellow and member of the research group “Molecular and translational Cardiology”, Department of Cardiology, Hanover Medical School

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology, Cincinnati Children´s Hospital, USA

Junior research group leader, Department of Cardiology, Hanover Medical School

Heisenberg professorship for Experimental Cardiology

Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Research at the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg







since 2017

Selected publications

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