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Institute of Vascular Signaling

Centre for Molecular Medicine

Goethe University, Frankfurt


Ingrid Fleming is the Director of the Institute for Vascular Signalling at Frankfurt University. She obtained her PhD from the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg and then pursued postdoctoral training at the Institute of Applied Physiology at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany. Then she moved on as Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology at the Goethe University Frankfurt before she started her own group in Frankfurt focusing on different forms of signal transduction in vascular cells.

Qualifications and Scientific Curriculum

PhD (Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology) at the Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Applied Physiology, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology, Goethe University Frankfurt

Leader of the Vascular Signal Transduction Group, at the Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology, Goethe University, Frankfurt

Professor of Physiology (Vascular Signalling), at the Goethe University, Frankfurt

Chair for Vascular Signalling and Director of the Institute for Vascular Signalling, Centre for Molecular Medicine, Goethe University, Frankfurt

Chair of the Centre for Molecular Medicine, Goethe University, Frankfurt






since 2008

since 2011

Selected publications

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